Scaled Model of Tower

Jay Riedl has created a scaled model of the Sabine Pass Lighthouse tower made from paper and clear plastic. This model comes in two versions, one as the lighthouse was orginally painted in all white and one more modern style with the day mark black stripes. This model does take some time and effort to assemble, but is simplistic enough for everyone. The time spent creating your own version of the lighthouse will allow you to reflect on the beauty and strength of the actual tower.


The model kit that is listed for sale in the Gift Shop contains a highly detailed set of paper forms along with the various plastic sections needed. The photos above are of completed models of the original style and the modern style. Clicking an image will enlarge it.

Also available as a free download is a simpler model that can be printed on your home computer's color printer and then cutout and assembled. This free model will give you an idea of how simple it will be to assemble the more detailed model.

To get your free model, simply click on each of the following 3 links (the first two require Adobe Acrobat) and then print them. The PDF's are large files (2meg each) so be patient. The image above shows a completed simple model. Clicking the image will enlarge it.

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Printable Instructions

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